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Creating Any Web Presence Is Fun
I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.
Vincent Van Gogh

As a long-time web developer, I realized Django and Python has been the missing piece of my past experience. I dove in head first on a quest to learn Python programming and the Django Framework, adding three specializations (2-Python and 1-Django) and 16 courses, mostly by the University of Michigan on Coursera, to my experience. Having proven experience, I am a Full-Stack Django Web Developer. Combining my love for the creative side of web design and the power of backend data management and processing is both fun and rewarding.

My Projects

Since I first began my work in web development in the early 2000s, technology has changed and so have styles -- literally. I created websites just as cascading style sheets were becoming a thing and ran a successful web design business for four years. Most of my skills were learned on my own in order to help the program gather research data through the Internet from survey participants in graduate school. I fell in love with my work and, although my career has taken different directions, I have continually pursued projects that involve technology as a hobbyist and currently work in the fintech industry as a django engineer. Thank you for checking out my site (Running on Django Web Framework).


My formal education

Education and Technology

Doctoral Candidate

During my time at the University of Kentucky, I was a research assisant for the National Assistive Technology Research Institute. I worked on the GUI for our research studies while studying Education and Computer Science. My interest was in applying computer science in ways that can assist students with special needs, such as smart technology. I did not finish my doctoral work, but I learned many technological skills that led me to start my own Web design company.

University of Kentucky


Master's Degree

My Master's Degree work was in Early Childhood Special Education. During my time at Northern Kentucky University, I was an adjunct instructor and worked as a research assistant for the program. My technology skills were important to my work and I can recall being the go-to person when anyone needed help with anything tech.

Northern Kentucky University


Bachelor's Degree

I began my bachelor's degree thinking I would be a civil engineer, but I ended up going into the field of education instead. I enjoyed my new major and continued to tutor engineering students in calculus and physics. Meanwhile, I played around with writing code in BASIC with the old TRS-80 that was at the school, just for fun.

Northern Kentucky University

Work Experience

Most Recent and Otherwise Relevant
Team Member

5 Years

Now: I currently own and operate Webfairy Design as a freelance Django Web Developer.

History: I used graphic user interface (GUI) skills I learned as a research assistant in graduate school to build my own web design company. I maintained gainful self-employment for nearly five years as a freelance web designer in the early 2000s. You can check out my former business site using the Wayback Machine that caches old sites here.

Webfairy Design
Django Web Developer
Team Member

1 Year

I taught the iExplore Lab class which was a K-8 special area class where students focussed on digital citizenship, design thinking, personalized learning, new century thinking and problem solving skills through real world exercises. Some topics included: Coding, Robotics, Video Game Development, Invention, Research/Library and Online Resource Skills, Internet Safety, Informational Literacy, Digital Footprint, File Management, and Career Paths.

Dysart Unified School District
Computer & Media Teacher
Team Member

2 Years

In this position, I performed the following duties::

  • Managed the activities of Coaches working under the grant within the First Things First system.
  • Directed the Inclusion Program needs of 140 sites state-wide.
  • Wrote, as a part of a team, and was awarded two major grants.
  • Assisted in converting an older database to meet new data requirements.
  • Note: Grant ended in June 2019
  • Southwest Human Development
    Program Manager

    Team Member

    1 Year

    In this position, I performed the following duties:

  • Taught third grade students based on Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards.
  • Provided training for teachers regarding implementing technology in the classroom.
  • Provided training for parents regarding building home and school relationships to support their student’s academic needs.
  • Note: I was rated highly effective (100% rating) on the rigorous Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System.
  • Deer Valley Unified School District
    Team Member

    5 Years

    In this position, I performed the following duties:

  • Conducted educational assessments.
  • Developed instructional goals for students who are eligible for specialized academic instruction.
  • Managed the Special Education Department's iPad distribution through our Mobile Device Management system (special assignment).
  • Trained certificated teachers in topics relating to education and technology.
  • Oak Park Unified School District
    Case Manager
    Team Member

    4.5 Years

    In this position, I performed the following duties:

  • Managed the production of instructors and curriculum writers.
  • Maintained our online education opportunities though our proprietary Learning Management System.
  • Recruited and supervised over 250 instructors of PreK-12 teacher education professional development across the nation.
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    3 Specializations in Tech
    21 Courses (MOOC) in Tech
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