Wooded Trails

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Interactive ChartJS with Django-React

I used django-react as the frontend on this project in order to update the chart (ChartJS) with user input as trails are added to the chart.

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Data Analysis

I used original data from the National Forest System and wrote a Python program to output difficulty ratings based on trail attributes. I came up with the algorithm for the difficulty ratings. These ratings are used within the chart for the Trail Compare app.

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ArcGIS Online Tool

In order to enhance user experience, I added the ArcGIS app that I created using the ArcGIS Online tool. ArcGIS is a geographic information system for working with maps and geographic information maintained by the Environmental Systems Research Institute.


Wooded Trails is a one-page website that houses two apps. The purpose of this site is for users to be able to find trails in any location and then use the Trail Compare app to compare several trails based on their difficulty levels. More about each app developed for this site can be found in my projects list.

This site is hosted by Firebase (Google).

Trail Compare App
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Trail Compare is one of the apps featured on the website, Wooded Trails. This app was created using Django, Django React, and ChartJS. It is hosted using AWS Lightsail with AWS API Gateway, AWS DynamoDB and AWS Lambda services. I downloaded this public data from the National Forest Service and used python programming to apply an algorithm that I wrote that determined the difficulty level of the trail based on each trail's features.

Trail Compare App
Trail Find App
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Another app featured on "Wooded Trails" is Trail Find. Trail Find is an app that I developed using the ArcGIS services that are very similar to Google Maps API. I used the data from the National Forest Service so that users of the site could find trails, on a map, that they can then use the Trail Compare app to compare those trails by difficulty levels.